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Splash and Play at Lorn


The following terms and conditions apply to all tickets purchased from Maitland Ticketing. In addition to these general terms and conditions please see the specific terms and conditions which apply for each responsible organisation listed on the navigational bar to the left of this page.


  1. The ticket for the event, performance, activity or venue (the event) is sold through Maitland Ticketing, a business unit of Maitland City Council, on behalf of the organisation promoting and responsible for the event (responsible organisation) and is subject to any and all conditions applicable to the event. All correspondence in regard to the event should be made to the responsible organisation.
  2. Tickets may not be refunded, returned or exchanged after purchase except as required by law and where specifically specified by the responsible organisation. Where a refund is made, Maitland Ticketing may, to the extent permitted by law, retain any fee it has charged.
  3. The right is reserved to vary advertised programmes and to add, withdraw or substitute artists and facilities and reschedule performances as necessary. This includes venues, seating arrangements and audience capacity.
  4. The right of admission is reserved and is subject to the responsible organisation's and venue's terms of admission.
  5. Latecomers may only be admitted where/if possible at a suitable break in the event and is subject to the responsible organisation's and venue's terms of admission. No refunds will be given due to late arrival.
  6. The use of cameras and recording equipment is only permissible where approved by the organisation responsible.
  7. It may be a condition of entry to an event that a search of persons and/or possessions will be required at the time of entry to the venue.
  8. Ticket holders enter the event at their own risk.
  9. Where tickets are purchased with a concession, the document relied upon for that concession must be presented at the time of purchase and must be carried at all times when in attendance at the event.
  10. Where an organisation has a Companion Card® policy, this will be strictly adhered to. Where activities incorporate a package of items over and above site entry, some components may not be included in the Companion ticket issued.
  11. Reservations for tickets will not be accepted without full payment unless specifically agreed by the responsible organisation.
  12. Entry may be refused if tickets are damaged or defaced in any way. Unauthorised duplication or sale/resale of the same ticket may prevent admittance to the event. Without the consent of the responsible organisation, this ticket may not be used for any advertising, promotion, commercial purposes or like use. Breach of this condition may result in the cancellation of the ticket, refusal of entry to the bearer and forfeiture of any refund.


  1. I understand that the use of any equipment supplied by BWE carries with it certain dangers, including the risk of injury and damage to property.
  2. I acknowledge that I have been given specific instructions by the owner on the safe use of the amusement ride, device, and attraction.
  3. By participating I release the owner, operator and supervisor of the amusement ride, device or attraction from any liability and I or patrons I understand that I or on behalf of any minor I am allowing to use the amusement device am voluntarily participating in a recreational activity and knowingly assume that there may be inherent dangers, foreseen and unforeseen, and hazards that no amount of care, caution, instruction or expertise can eliminate, risks may include but not limited to injuries or even death.
  4. In consideration of being allowed to use the Equipment, I have agreed to accept all risk associated with my or on behalf of others using the Equipment.
  5. I acknowledge that the owner has insurance cover which may not extend to covering all or any injury or loss sustained during the course of our involvement in the the activity
  6. I understand and agree that I am not only giving up my right to sue the Released Parties but also rights to my heirs, assigns, or beneficiaries may have, to sue the Released Parties resulting from injury or death. I further represent I have the authority to do so and that my heirs, assigns, or beneficiaries will be stopped from claiming otherwise because of my representations to the released parties
  7. References to the "owner, operator and supervisor" in this document mean each of Boing Pty Ltd Trading as Bubbling with Energy Entertainment ABN 59 366 416 863 and any related companies (within the meaning of "related" contained in Section 50 of the Corporations Law), and each of their directors, employees, agents and officers.
  8. I will not participate if I have any of the following;
  9. Previous back, neck, leg, knee or bone injury
  10. Heart trouble and/or high blood pressure
  11. Unfit/overweight
  12. Pregnant
  13. Under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  14. Recent surgery, injury or illness or
  15. Doubts about my safety.